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Welcome to We are one of North America's leading full-service figure skating stores and are committed to enhancing and improving the sport of figure skating by providing uncompromised services and products.

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***Note Spring/Summer Hours March 9 - August 3Rd, 2014***

Our Business Hours will be Tuesday - Saturday 9:39 am - 5:30 pm



Wednesday 9:30 - 5:30


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Monthly Specials

"New Zuca Tiger""New Zuca Tiger"
Short Rhinestone Cuff Design CrystalShort Rhinestone Cuff Design Crystal
"New Zuca Princess Purple Frame and Insert""New Zuca Princess Purple Frame and Insert"
"New Zuca Ladybug Insert Bag"New Zuca Ladybug Insert Bag
Rhinestone Skating Pant- 5 PosesRhinestone Skating Pant- 5 Poses
Rhinestone Polartec Jacket- Blue Layback SpinnerRhinestone Polartec Jacket- Blue Layback Spinner
Spiral Pant Polar FleeceSpiral Pant Polar Fleece
"New Zuca Ollie""New Zuca Ollie"
"New Zuca Blossom Insert Bag""New Zuca Blossom Insert Bag"