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Jackson Ultima Complete Matrix RXS System

Jackson Ultima Complete Matrix RXS System


Keep your edges fresh with the NEW and INNOVATIVE Matrix RXS from Jackson.

Maintaining the features of our Matrix blade that make it the best blade on the market, including a lightweight Aircraft Grade aluminum chassis, extremely strong Japanese AUS8 Stainless Steel runner, and superior edge control with a tapered edge, you can now replace the runners in a matter of seconds!



  • Pair of Matrix RXS chassis (runner attached)
  • Torque tool


As blades lower after many sharpenings, the rocker position is altered. The ability to change runners allows skaters greater consistency in the sweet spot, eliminating the need to get accustomed to new blades & rockers.


A spare set of specifically sharpened runners provides convenient consistency and confidence in the case of an emergency.


The runners fit all machines, so no need for special jigs or attachments. Also, there is no need for a smaller wheel, meaning the profile can be sharpened all the way through without a flat spot behind the pick, drastically aiding with axel take-off.